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Artist’s Statement:

My goal as an artist is to show you the beauty that I see; to capture the color and light that stops me in my tracks.  Every painting is an experiment in that effort, since that fabulous light is frequently fleeting...  Photos are great, but they often flatten or completely miss the features that have caught my eye.   The method of seeing light and color taught by Henry Hensche of the Cape School of Art fascinates me and offers insights into successfully interpreting what I see, but it is truly a life-long study and a rewarding journey.

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Maine Art

Photo credit: Diane Randlett

Artist Bio: 

After retiring from more than 40 years of working in basic marine research (at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, a Boothbay region gem), I turned my scientific curiosity to the world of art, specifically desiring to express beauty and light with the medium of oil paint.

My inspiration comes from the American Impressionist Henry Hensche (1901-1992) of the Cape School of Art, Provincetown, MA, and his students.


I have had the good fortune to learn from some excellent artists: John Clayton, Hilda Neily, Rob Longley, Rick Dickinson, and Will Kefauver, for starters, and hope to continue learning whenever/wherever possible.   Painting with the Mid-coast Plein Air group is a favorite part of each year!


My work has been shown at the Boothbay Region Art Foundation, Maine Art Gallery, Cape School of Art (CSA) Special Exhibits and CSA Open Studio Gallery, Kefauver Gallery, The First Federal Savings & Loan in Boothbay Hbr, the Southport Library, and in the juried 2019 and 2022 Art In ME shows.


I live on a small farm in Boothbay with husband Alan, a dog, a cat, 2 horses, and several chickens, and practice fiber arts (weaving, spinning, dying), in my spare time.

Key words: Oil Paintings, Impressionist Paintings, Maine Landscapes, NewEngland Landscapes, Boothbay Maine, Wendy Korjeff Bellows

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