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Oil paintings in the tradition of the American Impressionists

capturinglight, Mainelandscapes, oilpaintings, impressionistpaintings, BoothbayMaine

 Samples of my more recent work... see more in the Portfolios

Still Lifes & Studies

Sc067 pink lupines.JPG

Pink Lupines. 

Sc234 snow grasses.JPG

Winter Grasses

Land & Seascapes

Sc202 lake birches.JPG

Lake Birches

Sc240 beach Dec.JPG


Sc151 Pepi in sun.JPG

Pepi in the Sun

Sc225 Dot in sun.JPG

The Sun Spot

Winter Beach

Sc193 spring pond.JPG

Spring Pond

Sc209 mtn sunset.JPG

Autumn sunset in the Maine Highlands

Sc124 RSM&Thea.JPG

Rachel & Thea Read

See more in Portfolios...

email:   phone:  207-633-3809   Boothbay, Maine, USA

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